STUDIO DE S provides a range of classes from K-pop to Vocals and also including other styles of dance as well. The classes and fun, interactive and meaningful. The instructors are professionals in their field and are more than willing to accomodate for any new songs or choreography that the students are interested in. For any enquiries or special request for dance classes, do drop us a feedback!



Want to dance like a K-pop star?! Join our K-pop MV Class! You can have loads of fun following the K-pop choreography. Unleash your inner dancing talent with our course-based classes where you will be able to learn full-choreography from your favourite K-pop songs in just 4 sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours long. 



For those who want to learn Hip Hop but also enjoy K-pop music and for those who want to do more than just following the K-pop choreography, K-Hip Hop dance is just for you! Our K-Hip Hop Class teaches Basic hip Hop techniques through K-pop music. You can also choreograph your own dance moves and boost your confidence through your own freestyle. 



Looking for a new genre but don't know where to start from? Want to shine in clubs and show off your moves? Why not try K-EDM?

K-EDM stands for K-pop Electonic Dance Music. This genre brings in new vitality and freshness into existing EDM genres. It is a new dance style which is an unique and popular in Korea and also receives love-calls from other countries. Through this class, you will be able to enjoy the easy and addictive routine through this new beat. 


No time to work out? 
Studio De S offers Lunch Time classes on every Monday and Wednesday! 


We provide 50 Minutes K-pop Jazz Fitness class. This course will help you to develop flexibility, control, balance and strength. Be physically challenged and achieve all-round body conditioning through a lively dance class.

Regardless of age, gender, ability or fitness level, these classes are for everyone!




It’s time to sweat it out and keep our body lean, strong and most importantly, healthy while grooving to 60 minutes of non-stop K-pop mix. The routine will include cardio, body-toning exercises and will help you to boost your stamina! No dance background is required and anyone is welcomed to join in for a good fitness time along with K-pop songs. 



Have a passion for singing but don't know where to start?

It's time to belt out those k-pop tunes the right way with a professional and certified vocal instructor for 1.5hrs. Learn how to hit those notes using proper breathing techniques, posture and vocal range, etc. Understand the lyrics with our Korean vocal coach and embark on a learning journey to a strong and confident voice.



Want to move out and learn different genres of dance? K- Dancehall is a style where you can keep both your love for Korean music and also experience a more seductive touch in a totally new and original choreography from our instructors. Basic dancehall techniques will include tempo, rhythmn and many more dancehall skills and feels. 


The genre is open for both beginner and intermmediate classes to let all passionate dancers to open their doors to more variety of dances.



More than just Kpop Music, more than just Street Jazz. A combination of both help kpop dancers to learn Jazz in street style with familiar Kpop tunes to give a dynamic and eye-catching choreography. Techniques, as well as a touch of style and flavour are taught during the lesson.


Beginner and intermmediate classes are open for those who want to take the first step or harness this sexy tone in dance.